The information security market has taken center stage and the need for innovative cyber security solutions has never been more critical. The market is crowded with vertically integrated solutions, none of which are designed to empower the user creatively. The flavour of the day is usually a technology that is…

This feature has been so successful that we decided to make it more accessible and have made it available directly in the web application. Inside of any given Organization, under Setup, you will find a new menu item labeled Infrastructure Config.

From this new view users can edit and update their configuration file directly as it applies to the given organization.

Here you will find the flattened config representing all of the organization’s configurable features. You can modify it here, copy it to another organization, or manage it in version control, setting it via API like .

And as most things with LimaCharlie, this is just the beginning. We already have the next steps for what this can be and will be making more announcements shortly. Here is a link to the documentation.

Originally published at on July 6, 2021.

Christopher Luft

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